Why Three10 Consulting?

I'm just starting out:

Understanding the competitive landscape and identifying white space early on can save you time and money as you build your patent portfolio, and having concrete assets early on can dramatically improve your chances of obtaining funding.   We'll work with you to understand the patent landscape and develop a strategy for building a valuable patent portfolio quickly, which improves your chances of generating investment and gives you more time to build your business. 

I'm heading into a round of funding:

You never know what investor's council will find when they review your portfolio.  A third party search and analysis of your patent assets can provide valuable insights that allow you to anticipate questions from investors, so you'll be prepared to discuss if they're uncovered.    

I'm considering investing:

We'll analyze publicly available patent publications assigned to the company in which you're considering investing, identify outstanding issues, assess they're strength, and evaluate their value.  We'll also identify potential freedom-to-operate concerns, so you can make an informed decision 

I'm having trouble finding investors:

We'll work with your patent council to fix issues that could be