THREE10 CONSULTING was founded on the proposition of maximizing your intellectual property investment at any stage in your companies growth. 

  1. Early Stage:  by producing patent applications that are more likely to be quickly allowed and result in higher value patents, by pursuing claims that protect your invention, impacts competitors, and avoids litigation.  

The THREE10 METHOD begins with GROUNDWORX, a prior art search designed to provide preliminary patentability and freedom-to-operate data, identify competitors, and spot technology that is under litigation.  THREE10 CONSULTING uses this data to draft claims that protect your invention, avoid prior art, and frustrate competitors, producing high-value patents and quickly building a patent portfolio that can be leveraged for funding and investment.  In addition, competitor and litigation data generated by GROUNDWORX provides valuable insight into the viability of your business that can be used to allay investor fears and produce licensing opportunities that can strengthen your portfolio.       


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