Introducing GROUNDWORX

Patentability searching is carried out before a patent application is filed to identify prior art relevant to the invention.    Prior art includes any patent or academic publications that describe technology similar to the invention described in the patent application that could be used by patent offices to deny the patent.   Prior art completely describes the invention, "anticipates" the patent claims,  and prior art that describes a similar invention can sometimes be used to reject claims for "obviousness."    Current patentability searching uses Boolean search software that scores based on keyword usage.  "Relevant" results simply use a search term more often than other identified references.   Reviewing these results usually requires a large amount of time and often highly scored references are irrelevant.   Moreover, patentability search protocols incorporate few, if any, data handling and visualization innovations made in the recent past, and typical searches provide no information on competing products or where investors are spending money.   As a result of these antiquated search procedures, current estimates suggest that 97% of the patents issued in the U.S. never make any money.   

GROUNDWORX is an advanced patentability search protocol that uses state of the art IP analytics and visualization tools to give you real time snapshot of the patent landscape surrounding your invention, providing the groundwork for successful prosecution.    GROUNDWORX provides a relevant prior art related to patentability, by identifying prior art describing competing products.  Moreover, GROUNDWORX provides preliminary freedom-to-operate information, by identifying issued patents claiming similar inventions.  With GROUNDWORX, you'll know what to expect during patent prosecution, streamlining the patenting process, reducing prosecution cost, saving money and time.  


The Landscape Map

GROUNDWORX begins with a keyword, Boolean, or semantic search to identify patent publications related to the invention.  The results are scored and sorted based on keyword usage similar to conventional patentability searches.  Most conventional searches stop there, leaving it to you to identify important references from prior art spanning huge areas of technology.   

GROUNDWORX goes further.   The prior art identified in the search are sorted by patent code and machine learning language usage algorithms.  The sorted results are then displayed graphically on a landscape map (above).   Active areas of technology are identified as peaks on the map and less well developed areas of technology are illustrated as valleys.  Adjoining peaks represent prior art that includes similar elements and represent related technologies.  Whereas, peaks separated by valleys represent similar, but not necessarily related, technologies.       

Where is your invention on the map?

The landscape map is modified to include keywords relating to individual peaks, and dots placing each individual reference identified in the search on the map.   

GROUNDWORX identifies your invention on the landscape map using another word search of the abstract or another description of the invention.   The searched invention appears as a triangle-shaped marker (purple) in the above map.  The prior art surrounding the marker is highly related to your invention.        

Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 1.10.00 PM.png

Sector Analysis

GROUNDWORX overlays grids onto the map to further sort prior art references.  Squares of corresponding color contain technology, having similar elements, producing sectors of related technology on the landscape map.  The sector containing the invention marker contains prior art references that are commercially relevant, meaning relevant to both patentability and freedom-to-operate and, because these references are the work of your direct competitors, providing insight into competitor technology.  

Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 3.05.18 PM.png

Taking it further

In addition to identifying commercially relevant prior art, GROUNDWORX highlights high value patents (having an assessed value of greater than $1M) with a green dollar sign symbol.  The sectors housing these high value patents represent technology areas that have had a successful product launch or are currently being funded.  This information could inform patent and business strategy.              

Lets get started

All we need for a GROUNDWORX search is a list of search terms and a written description of the invention.   We can usually  get the results to you within a day or two.   So much information for such a small investment.