THREE10 CONSULTING provides patent landscape information and executive intelligence necessary to maximize your intellectual property investment at every stage in your companies growth.  Our platform compiles search results based on the underlying technology to avoid irrelevant references that use similar language to describe different inventions.  At the same time, we use contour mapping to illustrate the patent landscape, highlighting your competitors, their patented technology and recent filings, and areas of active litigation.  Whether you're just starting out, have a clinical stage company with an developed patent portfolio seeking venture capital financing, or a well-funded, well-established company preparing for an initial public offering, we'll give you the competitive advantage and patent landscape information to enhance your chances of obtaining investor funding and improve your bottom line.   

We're happy to work with your patent counsel or suggest patent attorneys that we trust.   

If you have intellectual property questions...

Early Stage

THREE10 CONSULTING maximizes the value of your early stage patent portfolio by producing patent applications that are more likely to be quickly allowed and result in higher value patents, improving your bottom line.   


The THREE10 CONSULTING begins with GROUNDWORX, a prior art search designed to provide preliminary patentability and freedom-to-operate data and identify competitors.  We'll use this data to identify novel elements of your invention and suggest claim elements that avoid prior art to help you produce high-value patents and quickly.  We'll also use this data to suggest claims to frustrate your competitors and identify patents available for license that will bolster your portfolio.  In addition, competitor information generated by GROUNDWORX provides valuable insight into the viability of your business to stimulate investment and allay investor fears.   

Mid/Clinical Stage

THREE10 CONSULTING evaluates your existing portfolio and the landscape surrounding your company to improve your chances of wooing investors and obtaining funding.   

IP Overview 

THREE10 CONSULTING evaluates your existing patent portfolio and other IP holdings and identifies assets (patents, trade secrets, trademarks, copyrights, etc.), liabilities, and potential additional assets.  We'll identify the key claims and claim elements covering your products, and if necessary, present a strategy to cover products in US and abroad by amending current claims and filing new IP.  We'll also identify trade secrets and prepare a strategy for maintaining them.  We'll wrap this information in a presentation summarizing your estate that can be shared with investors.   

Late Stage

As your company grows you'll need establish that there is a market for your product and you can go to market without spending your hard earned profits on patent litigation.  THREE10 CONSULTING is here to help.  We'll assemble competitor and freedom-to-operate data in easy to understand contour maps, graphs, and charts that will both impress investors and mitigate their fears.   

Landscape Analysis 

THREE10 CONSULTING uses a state-of-the-art, machine learning-based search engine to describe the competitive environment (US or US and abroad) surrounding your invention.  We'll provide contour maps illustrating the patent landscape in relation to your product.  We'll identify competitors, assess their activity, provide a synopsis of competitor products, and evaluate the strength of their patent portfolios. We'll overlay your portfolio onto the map to illustrate the areas where you are advancing the technology and estimate the value of your patent estate.  Our graphics and charts will be an eye catching addition to your marketing materials for potential investors.   

Freedom-to-operate Analysis

THREE10 CONSULTING will use our search tools to identify the patents that will most likely present freedom-to-operate issues or supplement the searches you've already carried out with our search.   We'll perform an in-depth analysis of identified patents, including initial claim construction and a preliminary invalidity and enforceability analysis, and provide potential design around options as appropriate.  Our analysis will be summarized in overview of investor talking points and marketing materials, and we'll work with patent counsel to formalize our analysis as necessary.